But, it’s the leader’s job to lead, isn’t it?

Mar 27, 2023

You get more organisational performance when focussing on the outcomes of leadership rather than leadership itself.

It’s the leader’s job to lead, isn’t it? No, and yes – so, why do we have leaders? Because leaders influence others, build engagement and direct efforts to maximise business performance! At the same time, with the rise of the knowledge worker and increase of distributed work, leadership is exercised by others than the formal leader.

Over the past years People & Performance have worked with a shared leadership approach in project teams where the members shift in and out; in organisations with geographically spread members; in small entrepreneurial growth firms; in functions undergoing change; in medium-sized firms mobilising for growth; in teams with both internal and external project members; and, in wide-spread international matrix organisations. In all these contexts, the shared leadership approach has proven effective and more empowering than a traditional leadership approach, given that it is tailored to fit the organisation’s context.

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