Valmistaudu huomisen haasteisiin jo tänään rekrytoimalla tulevaisuuden osaajat niin johto-, esimies-, kuin asiantuntijatasollekin.

I made use of Compass for recruitment of leaders and director level assignments. Every time they’ve shown valuable insight in terms of understanding my business and have been able to pinpoint the right skills for my business. Their recruitment process is effective and thorough, and they always check all requirements before beginning the process, so no time is wasted. The consultants used their exclusive network to find very qualified candidates and my personal consultant was able to honestly recommend who he saw as the right candidate for the job. It is this sense of trust and honesty that I really appreciate.

Anne SchwartzSenior Director, Product Supply - ALK

Compass showed genuine interest in creating a good match between me and the candidate. They analysed our specific business and market requirements to find candidates with the right cultural professional fit, who would be able to rise to future challenges. Throughout the process they maintained good momentum and always delivered to agreed deadlines. The tone of voice was direct and honest, which allowed us to create an informal, pleasant and effective process.

Morten VilstrupHead of Engineering Projects - LEO Pharma

I was searching for a highly-specialised profile and was impressed by the quality of the candidates Compass presented. It was actually quite difficult choosing among all the good candidates, but I received really good counselling; I ended up choosing a candidate that turned out to be the perfect choice.

Allan JensenVice President, Global Sourcing & Procurement - ALK

Through my professional career I’ve made use of Compass when recruiting several senior specialists and directors. I experienced transparency from the beginning right up to signing the new employee’s contract. They managed to apply my wishes to candidates with both high professionalism and a strong personality. I have to stress that they were very professional in how they handled the entire process; they really delivered every step of the way.

Lars DreiøeSenior Vice President, Chief Quality and Compliance Officer - Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB

I have used Compass’ services when recruiting contractors as well as permanent positions. My key contact demonstrated valuable knowledge about my industry and quickly understood our future skills requirements. The dialogue was transparent, honest and I experienced full flexibility even though our deadlines were rather short. I was impressed by the number of highly qualified candidates presented to me, and I will definitely be using Compass again.

Nina SkyumNational Sales Manager - Sanofi

Compass invested precious time in getting to know everything about my business, its DNA and its strategy. Both the consultant and researcher were very thorough and sketched a clear picture of the desired candidate. As a result, I was presented with a variety of very good candidates and given the support needed to confidently select the right one.

Annemette BolsVP HR - Leman

I’ve just completed two recruitment processes under Compass’ direction. I now have two strong candidates, who met all of our wishes and demands – and Compass managed to find them within a very short deadline. These are just the latest of several hiring processes I’ve completed with Compass over the past ten years. They’ve shown acute understanding of my leadership style and the specific culture in which we work. I will certainly continue to use Compass and recommend them to everyone searching for both professional and likeable partners in recruitment.

Pernille D. HertzSales Director - Henkel Norden

Compass simply delivered. They gave us thorough and professional counselling, lead a watertight process and presented us with a strong list of candidates. They also provided valuable counselling to help us choose the right candidate. Compass was a reliable and extremely professional business partner.

Oliver GrossProject Leader for re-establishing - KPMG, Denmark

Our experience with Compass proved to be very fruitful and satisfying. They kept a steady focus on the task at hand throughout the process, and I’d like to stress the unique quality of their communication with us.

Christian DubberödDirector Finance & Controlling - Ascom Wireless Solutions, Nordic

Compass turned out to be the perfect choice when we were looking for our new CEO. This became clear when we received the list of candidates: they all struck me as very competent and I would have happily hired several of them, if I had the opportunity. As Chairman of the Board, I felt very well taken care of during the whole process. I highly recommend Compass when recruiting executives.

Louise Colding SørensenChairman - Hillerød Forsyning A/S

We were looking for a recruitment partner with power and size to manage several assignments at the same time. And Compass certainly could. They were reliable in their deliveries and presented us with a strong peloton of candidates. They also kept us up-to-date and managed the process perfectly. I’ll recommend Compass at any time.

Lene Bech JensenDepartment manager - ATP

Compass showed a pragmatic and result-oriented approach when helping us find our candidates. They executed the tasks based on a robust yet down-to-earth methodology, and with a personal touch. They are dedicated to their work and as a results they produced very suitable candidates for us.

Mette LyngstrandNordic Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist - Medtronic

Compass showed deep insight and understanding of our strategic business goals and, thus, provided qualified candidates to succeed in the job. They demonstrated good process quality and pace, and they were very dedicated to finding the perfect candidate for our company.

Morten K. Andreasen Market Director - Procudan

Compass was very eager to solve the task at hand. Their tone was welcoming and friendly, and they made me feel safe and well taken care of. This created a down-to-earth atmosphere in which we could discuss matters in a friendly, honest and open manner. Compass is a professional and highly competent recruitment company that I’ll recommend to everyone.

Lina ÅkessonTender and Contract Specialist - Medtronic

We’ve really profited from using Compass during the last couple of years. They’ve shown great understanding of my company and its needs when finding the right candidates. I experienced great sparring and met some very qualified candidates with impressive skillsets – a difficult wish to fulfil. We see Compass as a strategic and close partner in supporting our HR department in the years to come.

Anders GramCEO - Würth Industri Danmark A/S

We’ve been cooperating with Compass for more than 20 years – the sheer number of years speaks for itself. They’ve always listen to our expectations and deliver what’s needed from specialist to VP:s

Anneli KarhulaSVP HR - Metsä Group

The cooperation between IFS Finland and Compass started in 2003. Since then, Compass has helped IFS Finland in most of its external recruitment processes, including the recruitment of consultants and administrative employees.

Tapani PohjonenCEO - IFS Finland Tapani

During our co-operation, Compass turned out to be a most proactive partner from start to end. They communicate clearly and honestly, and keep me up-to-date on a weekly basis. The consultants have proved to be very dedicated and trustworthy.I give my best recommendations to Compass.

Erika Lindholm HR Director Finland - Bonava

Compass showed in-depth knowledge of the insurance business, which is important to us. They managed the process and delivered as promised. Compass has recruited specialists as well as leaders with great success and I’ll recommend them to companies who are looking for a highly professional recruitment company within recruitment of specialist and leaders.

Gjensidige forsikring

LEO Pharma Nordic has chosen Compass as a partner due to their strong organisational ties to the Nordic region, having consultants and researchers in all four countries with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical business. When looking to develop our Nordic market, Compass was the obvious choice.

Lars SkouboeHR Manager Nordic, LEO Pharma

I’ve used Compass for several recruitment processes across the years – Managers of Administration and Vice Directors and more. They had a high level of integrity and presented us for many qualified candidates. They were also very helpful in supporting me when the time came to choose the right candidate.

Anders LagoChairman - HSB

Compass is very structured in their approach to recruitment. They were very fast when giving feedback and demonstrated a very professional attitude towards every task and challenge throughout the process. I give them my best recommendations.

Peter LundinGeneral Manger, Nordic – Nikon

Compass is highly effective and practices a very solid methodology, which makes the process smooth and fast. They are professionals and I highly recommend them.

Madeleine Hallerdal Marketing Manager, Nordic – Nikon

I’ve used Compass for various recruitment process, they are engaged, professional and a flexible business partner. I give them my recommendations.

Håkan LjungqvistVice VD - Arvid Nordqvist

Fast yet considerate at every step. They listened and understood our concerns, and excelled in meeting our long-term needs. 

Magnus WassénHead External Affairs & Market Access – MEDA

Compass has proved to be an efficient and professional partner through the last ten years. They immediately understood the culture of Eltel and presented us with many good candidates, resulting in many excellent recruitments.

Juha Luusua CEO - Eltel Networks Finland & President, Power Distribution and Baltic

Ylemmän johdon rekrytoinnit

Apunasi yhä monimutkaisemmassa maailmassa

Ylemmän johdon rekrytointi on aina haastava tehtävä. Hakuprosessimme löytää juuri asiakkaittemme tarpeisiin sopivat henkilöt: oikea yhdistelmä toimialakokemusta ja -näkemystä. Tavoitteenamme on aina löytää kandidaatti, joka voi saavuttaa täyden potentiaalinsa rekrytoinnin myötä, jotta molemmat osapuolet saavat täyden hyödyn. Olemme rekrytoineet mm. CxO –tason henkilöitä, Liiketoimintajohtajia sekä eri liiketoimintoja tukevia johtajia.

Esimiesten rekrytoinnit

Asiantuntemus ja johtamiskokemus – mahdoton yhdistelmä?

Organisaatioon sopivien esimiestason henkilöiden löytäminen on jatkuvasti asiakkaidemme agendalla. Asiantuntemuksen ja johtamiskokemuksen yhdistelmä on erittäin kysyttyä ja kilpailu parhaista osaajista on äärimmäisen kova. Laajan pohjoismaisen ja kansainvälisen kontaktiverkostomme ansiosta voimme löytää juuri asiakkaillemme sopivat henkilöt: usein asiakkaidemme kasvu ja kannattavuus yhä tiukemmassa kilpailussa riippuvat juuri oikeiden esimiesten tunnistamisesta. Olemme rekrytoineet mm. yksikönpäälliköitä, aluepäälliköitä sekä eri liiketoimintoja tukevia päälliköitä.

Asiantuntijoiden rekrytoinnit

Toimialakohtaista asiantuntemusta

Compass on keskittynyt kuuteen eri toimialaan: teollisuus & rakentaminen, ICT, lääketeollisuus & terveydenhuolto, rahoitus ja vakuutus, julkiset palvelut ja yhteisöt ja, kuluttajatuotteet. Keskittymällä valittuihin toimialoihin pystymme jatkuvasti seuraamaan toimialalla tapahtuvia muutoksia ja ymmärtämään kutakin tarpeeksi syvällisesti. Asiantuntijoiden rekrytoinnit käyvät avullamme nopeasti ja tehokkaasti. Olemme rekrytoineet pääasiassa senior –tason asiantuntijoita, joiden ydinosaaminen yhdistyy vahvaan liiketoimintaymmärrykseen.


Vain muutos on pysyvää

Organisaatiot ja markkinat elävät jatkuvassa muutoksessa. Soveltuvuusarvioinnit ovat vallitsevassa ympäristössä tärkeämpiä kuin koskaan aikaisemmin. Osaamme hoitaa myös kaikkein vaikeimmat tilanteet – kaikkia osapuolia kunnioittaen. Arviointityökalumme ovat sertifioituja ja pystyvät tunnistamaan henkilöstön erilaiset kyvykkyydet. Teemme henkilöarviointeja organisaation kaikilla tasoilla – asiantuntijoista ylimpään johtoon.

HR -palvelut

Reagoi nopeasti, pysy joustavana

Voimme auttaa lähes kaikissa henkilöstöjohtamisen tarpeissa, vakituisten työntekijöiden rekrytoinneista projektityöntekijöihin, valmennuksiin ja vuokrajohtajiin. Tarjoamme myös yrityksellesi rekrytoinnin ulkoistamisratkaisuja, jotka tarjoavat asiakkaalle yksilöityjä palveluja rekrytointitoiminnan tehostamiseen. Rekrytoinnin ulkoistaminen voi käsittää yksikön tai yrityksen käytännön rekrytointirutiinien hoitamisen kokonaan tai osittain.

Me teemme työn puolestasi

Meillä on jalat maassa. Rakentaaksemme pitkiä ja tuloksellisia yhteistyö- ja asiakassuhteita haluamme aina ymmärtää aidosti asiakkaidemme tarpeet rekrytoinnin ja henkilöstön suhteen. Siksi pisimmät asiakassuhteemme ulottuvatkin yli kahden vuosikymmenen. Prosessimme ovat läpinäkyviä, avoimia ja olemme aina valmiina antamaan näkemyksemme parhaasta lähestymistavasta. Tavoitteenamme on ylittää asiakkaidemme odotukset joka kerta.

Pitkän kokemuksemme ja tietämyksemme ansiosta voimme aina olla apunasi rekrytointitilanteissa, olipa kyse toimitusjohtajista, toimialajohtajista, esimiehistä, asiantuntijoista, henkilöarvioinneista tai HR -palveluista.

Ota meihin yhteyttä – autamme sinua varautumaan huomisen haasteisiin.