Head of Compensation & Benefits

Head of Compensation & Benefits

Abacus Medicine Group

Join Abacus Medicine Group and shape the future of compensation & benefits in a forward-thinking and dynamic company.

Abacus Medicine Group is experiencing remarkable growth, and this expansion is happening at an impressive pace. In order to maintain this growth trajectory and propelling it even further, Abacus Medicine Group is in active search of an experienced Compensation & Benefits professional, who can lead the establishment of Compensation & Benefit as an independent department within Abacus Medicine Group’s HR organization.

As this is a newly establish role, you will be the first person to assume the position as Head of Compensation & Benefits at Abacus Medicine Group. Therefore, your main focus will be to establish and lead Abacus Medicine Group’s Compensation & Benefits strategy and implementation in order to ensure that Abacus Medicine Group is ready for future legislations and expectations on compensations and benefits.

Lead Compensation & Benefits Strategy for Abacus Medicine Group’s Global Workforce

As Head of Compensation & Benefits, you will be responsible for the development, structuring, implementation, and management of compensation and benefits programs that aim to attract, retain, and motivate employees, while ensuring alignment with Abacus Medicine Group’s overall business strategy and industry standards.

You must develop and implement a C&B strategy, including decisions on how Abacus Medicine Group should position itself on compensation & benefits in all markets. This includes considering different segments, life stages, local rules, and regulations to ensure that Abacus Medicine Group offers the right solutions with the aim of maximizing employee appreciation while considering costs.

Additionally, you will be responsible for ensuring Abacus Medicine Group’s global mobility strategy.

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Create, implement, and manage Abacus Medicine Group’s salary structure, including job grades, pay ranges, and salary bands including bonus and incentives schemes. This should reflect the job mapping and definitions aligned with the overall strategy.
  • Establishment of Global Mobility team and policies.
  • Regularly review and update salary structures to reflect changes in market conditions and internal needs.
  • Work closely with relevant stakeholder to provide input related to compensations and benefits on new markets according to MWB.
  • Lead the design of reward and recognition initiatives to support an inclusive workplace, drive motivation, and optimize spending on rewards.
  • Monitor the job market in all markets, where Abacus Medicine Group operates. Stay up to date with market practices and recommend improvements regarding base pay structures, allowance plans, and short-term incentives. Other areas to work on includes, but are not limited to, recognition programs (including one-time payments), benefits, including the company car scheme, as well as the grading of positions.
  • Oversee the Annual Merit process: Provide input on salary budgets, ranges, and matrices; recommend the annual salary budget percentage for different countries; and communicate this to senior management.
  • Support HR Partners with compensation packages for new employees and in ad hoc reviews.
  • Use salary statistics to advise on specific profiles (for hiring or appointments).

Experienced Compensation & Benefits professional with Technical Expertise, Leadership Capabilities, and Interpersonal Skills

The ideal candidate possesses the following qualifications and experience:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in fields such as economics, business administration, or law, or a related field.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in Compensation & Benefits. Experience with Hay Levels or similar grading solutions is preferred.
  • Track record of successfully designing, implementing, and managing compensation and benefits programs within organizations of varying sizes and industries.
  • Strong understanding of compensation and benefits principles, including job evaluation, market analysis, incentive programs, and regulatory compliance.
  • Proficiency in data analysis and the ability to derive actionable insights from compensation and benefits data.
  • Strong communication skills, with mastery of written and spoken English at a very high professional business level.

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The recruitment process is carried out in collaboration with the consulting company Compass Human Resources Group. If you want to learn more about this position before submitting your CV, please do not hesitate to contact Research Consultant Signe Bülow Hansen or Partner Christian Winther on +45 70 20 12 75. Please submit your CV as soon as possible, if you are interested. Please note that all enquiries will be handled with confidentiality and that we will reply to the email address from which you send your CV.

About Abacus Medicine Group

Abacus Medicine Group was founded on the basis of a growing call for competition in the Danish pharmaceutical market to the benefit of Danish hospitals. To answer this call, Flemming and John Wagner founded Abacus Medicine Group with the purpose of carrying out parallel import and parallel distribution of original medicine within the EU.

Not long after it was founded, Abacus Medicine Group entered the Danish pharmaceutical market. Following this successful entrance, the company expanded its reach to Germany and Sweden. Since then, Abacus Medicine Group has pursued a vigorous and highly successful multi-market strategy, and the parallel import services are now available in 12 European markets with more to come.

Apart from Abacus Medicine Groups’ many active sales markets, the company also has sales offices in 6 European countries: Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain and United Kingdom. The office in Copenhagen, Denmark functions as the headquarter for both the Group and Abacus Medicine Group.

Deadline for application: As soon as possible
Workplace: Copenhagen
Reference: 2318.274
Company: Abacus Medicine Group