Managing Director, Industry Association

Managing Director, Industry Association

British American Tobacco

The Nicotine Industry Association is a new industry association for risk-reduced nicotine products. The Managing Director needs to be the face of the public debate on tobacco harm reduction and create more awareness of the need for appropriate regulation of risk-reduced nicotine products.

In Norway, we have seen an increase in consumers quitting conventional cigarettes and using other types of nicotine products as a replacement. Unfortunately, current regulation does not acknowledge the harm reduction potential in these new nicotine categories and the aim is to enlighten regulators and public health stakeholders about relevant science and facts on the topic. For now, the association consists of two members, British American Tobacco, and Another Snus Factory, covering approximately 65% of the total nicotine pouch market in Norway.

Deliver the facts and nothing but the facts

Your job will be to actively contribute to the public debate and development of public health strategies by advocating for appropriate and sustainable regulatory frameworks for risk-reduced products such as snus, tobacco-free nicotine pouches, e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, so adult smokers can access scientifically evaluated alternatives with potentially reduced risks.

You will become a spokesperson for the nicotine industry and how the use of nicotine products affects society. By getting involved in relevant debates and discussions in media and regulatory stakeholders you will engage in a dialogue to seek appropriate and effective regulation of the nicotine market in Norway.

You will represent experienced member organizations, acknowledging the importance of the health aspect of their industries and leading an unprecedented industry transformation from conventional tobacco products to risk-reduced alternatives. You will be in close connection with the member organizations and have the support to succeed with this important agenda.

You will thrive in a job where you are at the forefront. You are allowed to lead the way, create the structure, and create relationships with the stakeholders.

The main challenge in the job will be the steep learning curve, however, you will have the support and guidance from competent “colleagues” in the member organizations to back you up and support your development.

Full professional proficiency in Norwegian is required for this position.


The recruitment process is carried out in collaboration with the consulting company Compass Human Resources Group. If you want to learn more about this position before submitting your application, please do not hesitate to contact Senior Research Consultant Thor Vive, Compass on tel.: +45 70 20 12 75. Please submit your CV as soon as possible, if you are interested. Applications will be processed on an ongoing basis. Please note that all enquiries will be handled with confidentiality and that we will reply to the email address from which you send your CV.

Deadline forapplication:As soon as possible
Workplace: Norway
Company:British American Tobacco