At People & Performance we realise your strategic intent by designing ready-to-act strategy and develop your capacity to perform – we mobilise your organization by developing your leaders.


We help local and global companies maximise their business performance by mobilising their people. We combine our expertise to tailor integrated solutions that fit your purpose. We empower your organisation to get going and keep at it. Our methods are proven, practical and research based and our experienced people collaborate in a unique learning culture.

We deliver the “&” that connects people & performance.


We develop and deliver tailor-made leadership development, where leadership and business development are inextricably linked and two sides of the same coin. We get to do this because our tools and processes are based on research and translated into tools that work. We design our courses to combine learning, requirements for action and follow-up on results.

We call it LEAP – Learn Enable Activate Perform – a learning approach that clearly sets us apart in the market, and that creates lasting behavioral changes with our customers.

We act as consultants, catalysts and sparring partners for companies in search of an overall strategy. We help transform strategy info practice. All of our insights build on experience from national and international strategy processes, and our primary focus is on the eternal challenge: How do we implement our strategy?

We facilitate leadership development programmes for a number of the largest and most successful companies in the country, and at all management levels. Our approach is a successful combination of research and experience that delivers results. This is not least due to our team of excellence training consultants who have extensive management and international experience.

Driving unprecedented research to learn about leadership effectiveness. We are building insight into which performance-influencing leader behaviours are most effective, given different context characteristics across positions, levels, functions, etc. By applying this insight, you can optimise leadership performance, assessment and promotion, training programmes and recruitment practices.

“All the way through People & Performance has been at eye level and been capable of understanding our challenges and they have converted and tailored this into a leadership development program in our LE34 Academy matching our reality.”

Kenneth NorreCEO - LE34

“People & Performance are good at meeting us at eye level. They are capable of interpreting the problems and providing constructive solutions. They help us find the best solutions for the organisation, without imposing the solutions on us, but they are not afraid of continuously providing their advice on which way to go”.

Jesper RitzHead of Global Human Resources - LM Wind Power

”Our experience with People & Performance is about the very operational and direct approach they have to the concept leadership. Our leaders – both executives and middle managers – experience an utmost  professional and some times a bit provocative training, which very well matches our needs. We see that the leadership quality in general is improved within the different leaders. Though most important of all is, that many leaders tell  that they have become more familiar with their role as a leader, and that is important.”

Jan M. JensenHead of Global Training & Education - DSV A/S

“Throughout our cooperation, the consultants have exhibited a solid ability to combine strong research and practical tools enabling our participants to bring what they have learned into play right away. We are very pleased with our cooperation with People & Performance. They follow through!”

Jan VerhoekExecutive Vice President HR - Jysk