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My name is Laura Suontaus and I work for Compass as a Consultant focusing on assignments with an emphasis on Specialist, Managerial or Executive positions as well as career coaching. My main duties have been on recruiting since 2006 and as of 2008 on also on career coaching.  I am most familiar with the fields of industry and construction as well as ICT but I have also a long experience of recruitments for other sectors.

I find my varying duties and challenging assignments intriguing in combination with the necessity of understanding and familiarizing myself with different customer companies and business fields. However, what I feel most passionate about in my work is meeting people and the continuous learning process which follows. At Compass Human Resources Group I have always enjoyed the high standard of customer service and our commitment to further development of the long-term co-operation with our clients.

In my leisure time, I study German, relax by ice hole swimming, and I am also an active member of the Tampere Theatre Women’s Association. Besides this, I enjoy reading memoirs and travel with my family whenever I have spare time and money; and sometimes even if I don’t.

2019 – Partner, Compass Human Resources Group Finland Oy

2016 – Nordic Practice Group Member, Industrial and Construction, Compass Human Resouces Group

2008 – Recruitment / Senior / Executive Consultant, Compass Human Resources Group Finland Oy

2006-2008 Recruitment Manager, Respolar Oy

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