Quiet quitting is a subtle cry for good leadership

Mar 27, 2023

The concept of “quiet quitting” has resurfaced in many companies, sparking a global discussion on mental well-being at work. While this type of employee behaviour is not new, the pandemic, remote work, younger generations, and new work demands have caused significant changes in work expectations.

A video on the social media TikTok went viral with the message “Working is not your life”. US TikTok user @zaidleppelin‘s video has received half a million likes and has sparked a global discussion that puts “quitting mentally” into words.

In Denmark, the term has been googled more than 10,000 times over the last two months. Just before Covid, engagement in the global workforce increased for the first time in over a decade. Today, 1 year after the pandemic, it has stagnated worldwide. Again.

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