Göran Hernberg

Managing Director


Career Background

I am Göran Hernberg and I work as the Managing Director of Compass Human Recourses Group in Finland and as the Nordic Practice Group Leader of the Industry and Construction practice group.

Mostly I am helping clients to find Executives and Managers. Maintaining a service-minded attitude and pleasing the customers and candidates is the main focus for me in my work, as is creating long-term, well-functioning customer relationships. It is also extremely rewarding to follow recruited candidates on their career path, when you can see how they have developed good careers within the company where they originally have been recruited to years ago.

What I find most rewarding though, is to follow together with my wife our three grown up children mature and to support them in their future choices. So I consider myself as a kind of career coach in this area as well.

1994 – Managing Director, Compass Human Resources Group Finland Oy

2014 – Nordic Practice Group Lead, Industrial & Construction, Compass Human Resources Group

2020 – Chairman of the Board, Korpilevo Wind Oy

2005-2008 Founding Partner, Stanton Chase International

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