Performance Acceleration with tools that work

Accelerate the time from employment to full performance

In order to achieve the best possible and most effective onboarding and integration of Shpresa Ljatifi-Pedersen’s in her new role as Manufacturing Director at Reapplix, she participated in the Performance Acceleration process designed by People & Performance and facilitated by partner, Anni Vind Frandsen.

In short, the Performance Acceleration process consists of seven virtual meetings with five focus areas that are covered during the first few months in the new position. The aim is to accelerate the time from employment to full performance and increase the success rate of newly hired leaders.

The perfect mix

For Shpresa Ljatifi-Pedersen it was the mix of theory and practice, and especially the coaching by Anni Vind Frandsen, that made the process highly rewarding for her. 

“The process was very educational and useful, both in terms of the theoretical framework and the opportunity of talking with Anni about the specific experiences I had in my new role. Anni could always connect the theories with these experiences and my specific strengths and weaknesses, making her able to guide me towards the best possible next step and where to put my focus,” she says.

“My specific situation became the starting point”

When Shpresa Ljatifi-Pedersen started working at Reapplix, the department was in the middle of a turbulent time, which of course had a big influence on her transition into her new role and what she needed to focus on.

“It was a huge advantage that nothing in the process framework was written in stone. Anni took my specific situation as her starting point and adjusted the content accordingly – if I encountered a new situation, I felt the need to address, she was immediately able to do just that,” Shpresa Ljatifi-Pedersen says, and continues: 

“The process provided me with easy-to-use tools and techniques that made it possible for me to identify some of the challenges we faced in the management team and needed to address and solve in order to perform optimally. I would absolutely recommend the Performance Acceleration process to others transitioning into a new leadership role.”

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