Laura Suontaus 



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I work as a Consultant, focusing on the implementation and sales of Expert, Managerial, and Executive-level recruitment services, as well as Career Coaching. I’ve been involved in recruitment since 2006, and in 2008, I expanded my expertise to include Career Coaching. While I’m most familiar with industries such as Energy, Industry and Construction, and ICT, I have gained extensive experience in recruiting for various other sectors as well. I find joy in the diversity of tasks and challenging searches, as well as understanding different industries and companies. However, the best part of my job is the opportunity to meet people and continually learn through these interactions. In Compass HRG, I have always been drawn to genuine customer service and the commitment to long-term collaboration and its ongoing development. During my free time, I study German, relax by taking ice swims, and participate in a theater women’s association. Additionally, I enjoy reading biographies and traveling with my family whenever there’s extra time and money – and sometimes even when there isn’t.

2019 - Partner, Compass Human Resources Group Finland

2016 - Nordic Practice Group Member, Industrial & Construction, Compass Human Resources Group Finland

2008 - Recruitment / Senior / Executive Consultant, Compass Human Resources Group Finland

2006 - 2008 Recruitment Manager, Respolar Oy





Life Sciences & Healthcare

Industrial & Construction

Financial Services

Information & Communications Technology

Public & Non-governmental Organisations