I was hired by Compass and succeeded in fulfilling my new employers expectations. Compass achieved this with great success; I was met with professionalism and experienced great trust from start to end.

Maria WaldevikOrion Pharma

I faced a situation where I needed fast responses and fast results – and the Compass consultant was able to present me immediately with a job opportunity that met my future dreams. Also the recruitment process was really flexible and gave me a perfect start on my new job. 

Toni GussanderProject Manager - Eltel Networks

I applied to the System Specialist position through Compass. From the beginning to me signing the contract, the process was very easy and uncomplicated. They excelled in keeping both me and my future employer up to date resulting in a pleasant feeling throughout the process.

Johannes Piela System Specialist - Krogerus

Compass was straight forward and highly professional, and yet easy-going. In spite of managing a very pleasant process, they were to-the-bone and efficient, handling everything with a very high quality. They also had a very good insight to the client´s business and gave a realistic picture of the position and client.

Ari-Pekka VanamoVice President, Mill Manager - Metsä Group

What struck me the most was how quick and efficient they were. In addition the quality of their communication throughout the process felt professional, nonetheless relaxed.  

Utu Linna HRD Manager - Omnicom Media Group

Extremely efficient, well organized and transparent process.

Jenni MäättäProduct Specialist - Coloplast Finland

Compass practiced a flexible and smooth process, and kept me well informed from start to end.

Mirva SavimäkiCustomer Service Specialist - Bonava Finland

Compass is very easy to work with. The atmosphere is good and very pleasant. As a result, I’ve worked with them several times – both as a client and as candidate. 

Ilari JaakkolaDirector Sales and Marketing - Eltel Networks

At Compass I felt like being in focus. I was heard, seen and understood, and received top professional coaching from senior consultants, who helped me realise my full potential and discover my primary competences. Before, during, and after signing the contract my personal coach followed up on my questions, so that I could move on and keep pace in the process. It was obvious to me that it was as important for them as it was for me to get me back to work. I strongly recommend Compass to anyone in need of a strong partner when searching for their next career move.

Peter Knudsen Supply Chain Performance Manager - Coloplast

I had a very good experience when I was recruited to my current job through Compass. I was well informed throughout the process and was able to discuss the position in an informal and neutral way. The consultant was always accessible and guided me through the recruitment process in the most supportive way.

Björn StrandsäterNordic Business Unit Manager - Neuroscience at Janssen-Cilag, Nordic

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