Det finnes mange situasjoner der det kan være gunstig for bedriften å leie inn midlertidig personell. La oss hjelpe deg med å finne de beste kandidatene som kan dekke bedriftens midlertidige behov.

Lei inn en erfaren leder som vil

dekke dine midlertidige forretningsbehov

An interim leader or manager gives your organisation the advantage of hiring an experienced person who will bring value by driving change and transforming your business for a limited time – when you need it.

Let us help you gain the right interim consultant for your situation.

Hvorfor interimledelse er

den beste løsningen for din organisasjon

There are many different reasons to use an interim in an organisation:

Value: The right interim will bring value by driving change and transforming your organisation, when you need it.

Flexibility: An interim solution provides you with a great deal of flexibility. If your company is facing uncertain times, it is a way to mitigate the possible risks related to employment.

Urgently needed resources: In some situations, the success of your company may rely on finding specific skills with very short notice. Here, an interim can be the perfect choice.

Product launches and other business opportunities: An interim solution gives you the opportunity to cover temporary labour-intensive needs.

Parental or sick leave: Keep your employees satisfied with interim management. Avoid excessive workloads by hiring an interim to cover for employees on parental or sick leave. This way, you also minimise the risks of employees getting work-related stress, which can ultimately lead to more downtime.

Highly specialised work functions: Through interim solutions, you can obtain the skills needed in order to successfully handle highly specialised assignments.

La oss ta hånd om

alle dine behov innen interimledelse

  • Linjeledelse
  • Telefon, bærbar PC og nettbrett
  • Administrasjon
  • Fleksibilitet til å gjøre endringer
  • Pensjon og forsikring
  • Andre IT-løsninger
  • Bilpark
  • Detaljert overlevering.

Dette betyr at du lar oss ta oss av alt det tekniske, slik at du bare kan nyte hvordan det midlertidige personalet bidrar til at virksomheten vokser.

Kontakt oss i dag og finn ut hvordan vi kan dekke dine behov.


Headhunters with an understanding of the modern labour market

Organisations are made up of people. Finding the right candidate is therefore essential in a changing labour market. Over the last 5-7 years, companies have had to increasingly stage themselves. The balance of power between company and candidate has shifted in favour of the candidate.

Modern management is more about meeting the needs of the individual, without compromising the commercial objectives of the company.

Recruitment has therefore also become a discipline with many nuances, as companies have multiple organisational objectives that extend beyond the business.

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