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We recruit the leaders who can navigate and lead your organisation to success. Our dedicated focus on C-suite roles ensures we bring visionary leaders and strategic thinkers into your team. We understand the complexities of leading across sectors and are experts in matching talented leaders with organisations that strive to set new standards.

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With us, understanding leadership talent is at the centre of every recruitment. We know that the heart of your organisation is its leaders – they set the direction, motivate the team and drive results. With our extensive experience in executive search, we ensure your next leader not only fits the job, but defines it.

Our commitment is deep. We go further than most to understand the core of your organisation – from culture to vision for the future. We translate this insight into a precise and targeted search process designed to discover leaders who not only fulfil your current needs, but can accelerate your business growth.

With an approach that blends industry understanding with a broad network, we introduce you to candidates who lead with innovation and integrity. Our strategic advertising, deep networks and direct search ensure each candidate is hand-picked and ready to make a tangible difference.


Efficient Executive Search process quickly provided BKD with a new CEO

Compass HRG was the obvious choice when BKD needed to find a new CEO.

BKD is a Danish trade association for bakers and confectioners. Over the years, they have experienced a lot of management turnover, and when they needed to find a new CEO, they decided to get help to find the perfect match.

According to BDK’s chairman, John Jønsson, Compass was the natural choice to handle the executive search process.


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We listen carefully to our clients and ask questions to fully understand both challenges and opportunities. It seems to be a winning approach and we're proud that our clients use us time and time again. We hope you'll put your trust in us and let us give you and your business the same experience.

Rebecca Saks→

Research Consultant

Kasper Birkegaard Pedersen→

Senior Consultant

Rasmus Meyhoff→

Partner & Practice Lead, Life Science

Christian Winther→

Partner & Practice Lead, Medtech

Irene Rajani→

Senior Research Consultant

Oliver Hauberg-Jensen→

Partner & Practice Lead, Consumer Products

Emine Murati→

Senior Research Consultant

Pernille Hemmingsen→

Research Manager

Tom Zehngraff→

Senior Director

Nanna Søs Slot→

Research Consultant

How do you ensure a successful recruitment?

In this article, we explore the recruitment process from start to finish. We outline the different parts and explain how each contributes to a successful recruitment.

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Through executive search, we find your future C-suite level leader. 


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