Leadership & Business Development

Leadership & Business Development

Since 2007, People & Performance has been helping local and international companies maximise their performance. We create tailored, sustainable solutions that sustain real change through leadership development, strategy and business development, executive coaching, and management team development.

Our mission is to

Maximise your business performance

Whether you are part of a local or global company, we can help maximise your business performance by mobilising your people. We combine our expertise and create customised integrated solutions that fit your purpose perfectly and empower your organisation to reach its potential.

You will benefit from our proven, practical, and research-based methods, applied in teams by our experienced consultants, based on your unique needs.

Tailor-made courses in

Leadership development

We develop and deliver leadership development courses tailor-made for your organisation. Everything we do is based on research and transformed into tools that work. The courses combine learning, requirements for action, and follow-up on subsequent results.

We call our learning approach LEAP – Learn, Enable, Activate, Perform – and you will find that it creates lasting behavioural changes in your company.


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