Recruitment and headhunting of leaders and specialists

We are your recruitment partner with deep roots in the Danish business community. Our team of experienced specialists operate from the heart of Copenhagen and Aarhus, with particular expertise in executive recruitment, headhunting C-level executives and attracting top specialists. With over 35 years of experience, we bring insight and dedication to each assignment to ensure you find the right candidate that not only fits the role, but also your company culture.


Recruitment of leaders and specialists

As your dedicated recruitment partner, we ensure success by always putting together a tailored team from the very beginning of a project. We build a unique team that reflects a wide range of skills and industry knowledge, carefully tailored to your specific needs.

Our approach is to work in close collaboration with you – from HR to senior management – to ensure a meticulous and targeted recruitment process that delivers results.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a critical process for any organisation striving for success in the modern labour market. Its essence lies in effectively utilising company resources to attract and hire the best talent.

In a world where time is a limited resource, the recruitment process can often seem like a challenging and time-consuming task. Typically, a standard recruitment process lasts between two to three months, which places high demands on an organisation’s resources and time.

To navigate this complex process, Compass offers a modern recruitment service designed to ease the burden. By choosing Compass as your sparring partner, your role is simplified to focus on the most essential aspect: determining if a candidate is the right fit for your organisation. This ensures efficient utilisation of your resources while achieving successful recruitment outcomes.

Our Areas of Expertise

What characterises a leader in today’s business world and what skills are needed to realise your goals and visions? And how do you ensure you attract the most talented and skilled specialists?

Our role extends beyond traditional recruitment. We seek to understand the deeper human qualities that drive teamwork and innovation in order to match you with candidates who not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Our extensive network is international and multidisciplinary, and with a deep understanding of each industry, we are able to effectively headhunt the best leaders and specialists for you.


Create growth and innovation with the right leaders and specialists

We are deeply rooted in Nordic values and offer what we call ‘The Nordic Advantage’. This means that to find the optimal candidate, we sometimes look beyond Denmark’s borders. With a presence in five countries, including six offices in the Nordics and one in the UK, we have a solid foundation for international recruitment.

We drive organisational growth through targeted recruitment

We’re here to boost your core business, promote cultural and value development, enhance employee insights or support your expansion into new markets.

We achieve this by combining effective recruitment with strategic headhunting, sourcing the brightest minds from across the Nordics and globally.

How do you ensure a successful recruitment?

In this article, we explore the recruitment process from start to finish. We outline the different parts and explain how each contributes to a successful recruitment.

Executive Search

Through executive search, we find your future C-suite level leader. 


Expertise in Interim Management


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We help companies realise their full market potential

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