Executive Search

Executive Search

It is not hard to find good leaders. It is hard to find the right match. At Compass, we take a unique approach to modern executive recruitment when it comes to the top tier of your organisation.



We find the potential you are looking for

Through executive search, we find your future C-suite level leader. Through our executive search approach, you can successfully find and hire the right leader or executive team, such as CxO-level executives, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents and top executives.

All our senior consultants have +10 years of experience in top executive level recruitment – and have in-depth knowledge of different sectors across 6 industries.

The process of finding the right candidates is based on our recruitment specialists’ thorough evaluation methods and unique understanding of the human factors that can influence a company’s vision and commercial success.


Effective Executive Search process quickly provided BKD with a new CEO

Compass HRG was the obvious choice when BKD needed to find their new CEO.

BKD is a Danish trade association for bakers and confectioners. Over time, they have experienced some turnover in management, and when they needed to find a new CEO again, they decided to get help identifying the perfect match.

According to BDK Chairman, John Jønsson, Compass was the natural choice to take care of the executive search process.


What is executive search?

Basically, executive search is about headhunting a top executive for another company. When it comes to search, it involves a thorough search for relevant candidates, typically already at C-suite level. Through the search process, candidates who match the people skills and professional competencies that the company is looking for are identified.


Why executive search?

When recruiting at senior management level, candidates are often not actively seeking employment and an executive search strategy is needed.

There may be several reasons for launching an executive search. Most companies today use executive search to find the right candidate – and to avoid recruitment mistakes.

  • 57% of executives surveyed said they needed six months to reach their full performance level.
  • A bad hire costs up to 30% of the person’s salary in the first year.

Our executive search process is designed to identify candidates with the best possible combination of business vision, industry experience, leadership skills and personality.


Executive Search at Compass


The search strategy is tailored to your current market position and where you want to move. It may be that there is an urgent need for growth, that you are facing specific industry challenges, or that the company needs to change significant parts of its organisational structure.


We facilitate the whole process and are your trusted advisor throughout. It is not always the case that there is a broad consensus in the boardroom, so it is important that the search partner can lead and facilitate disagreements and keep the focus on the business.


When we do executive search, our focus is equally on the candidate. Can the candidate fulfil their human potential, as well as deliver and drive your ambitions and long-term goals? Modern executive recruitment is first and foremost about finding the right person. We work from the premise: people drive businesses.

Diligence, dedication and discretion

Nordic network with international outlook

We operate throughout the Nordic region from 6 offices. We call it The Nordic Advantage. In order to find the best candidate, we often have to search outside Denmark. When we undertake executive search through our Nordic colleagues, we work from the same principles: diligence, dedication and discretion.

Our Nordic and international network, long-standing professional relationships and extensive executive search experience are your guarantee that you will get the best possible match for your business.

Mutual dependence in the executive search industry:

We need you leaders, and you should use us!

Since 2012, the market size of the executive search industry has increased significantly, and in 2021, the global executive search industry surpassed DKK 200 billion in revenue. Executive search has made its entrance into the global business world – as well as the Danish one.

As a search company, we are therefore more than a ticket to the right jobs. We are a marketplace for career opportunities, and with our in-depth knowledge of the entire management spectrum – across sectors, industries and value chains – we are a significant source of informed career planning. The market is not transparent, so you need us!


Reduce time from hiring to full performance by a third

Finding the right leader for your business can be both time-consuming and difficult, and the consequences of making the wrong choice can be serious and long-lasting. These risks are significantly reduced with integration

Successful search and recruitment minimises potential risks to the business. If you want to ensure successful executive search – you need to consider integration. An effective integration process can reduce the time from recruitment to full performance by a third.

Read our article below – and learn more about executive search and integration.

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Strong Nordic cooperation

With 6 offices in the Nordic region, we are better equipped to find your future candidate. Our Nordic cooperation allows us to identify the best possible potential candidate across national borders. We meet your challenges with trust, care and discretion – we call it: The Nordic Advantage.