Recruitment for the industrial & construction industry

Industrial & Construction

The increasingly competitive environment in industry and construction makes it more important than ever to recruit the best managers, leaders and specialists if you want to stay one step ahead.


We recruit the best people in the industrial & construction industry

Use our expertise to meet the expectations of internationalised markets including construction, woodworking, logistics, industrial services, packaging and industrial electronics, while maintaining your local competitiveness.

Our years of experience, extensive network and insight into your industry enable us to recruit candidates for all positions in both technical and commercial fields, including COOs, managers and interim consultants.

In addition, our consultants have in-depth knowledge of the energy sector, particularly wind, gas and oil. Working with us, you can recruit or use interim consultants to drive your business towards a more competitive position.




Energy & Renewables

Food & Agriculture



We meet your challenges with insight and experience

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of the industry’s competitive situation.

We know the industry across areas and services, and have years of experience in recruiting profiles at both operational and management levels. Recruitment in the industrial and construction sector requires detailed knowledge and insight into the professional challenges facing the sector, as well as the specific development opportunities that the candidate will help to address.

At Compass HRG, we are a strong professional team that deals exclusively with recruitment in the industrial and construction sectors.

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Recruitment in industrial and construction:

ESG profiles with management skills are urgently needed

Sustainability has become an integral part of many companies’ growth and business strategies – regardless of sector. Industrial and construction are no exception. Today, sustainability is incorporated into everything from the design and energy consumption of the building to the communication and marketing of the project.

Over the last 5-6 years, market demand for sustainability skills has exploded. This poses major challenges when it comes to recruiting new staff. There are very few profiles with skills that combine management and business with sustainability.


Tarkett’s continuous co-operation with Compass HRG: The strong relationship and knowledge of the company culture

For a number of years, Compass Human Resources Group has acted as a recruitment partner for Tarkett in Denmark and the Nordic region, recruiting for both commercial roles as well as financial roles. One of the reasons for the good co-operation is due to the following:

“This is partly because of Niels’ deep knowledge of Tarkett’s culture, but the collaboration has also continued because of the many successful recruitment tasks he has solved for Tarkett over the years”, says Kenn Nielsen, Director and Country Manager for Denmark at Tarkett.


Part 1: The transformed labour market and the fight for the candidates

In recent years, the labour market has changed significantly for both employers and employees. This makes it necessary to change the way in which skilled employees are recruited and retained in several industries. Fresh eyes and a new strategy is needed.

Read the first part of our series on the changing labour market here

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