About Compass HRG

About Compass

At Compass HRG, we help companies with headhunting, executive search and recruitment of specialists in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.


Effective recruitment, especially for a critical function, can be crucial to a business' success



Compass Human Resources Group has existed since 1982. Today, we are an international organisation with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

In addition, we have an office in the UK where we provide our international outlook and assist Nordic companies in the UK, Europe and other countries with their specialist and executive recruitment.

We help you maximise your business performance through effective recruitment, headhunting and search. We have extensive insight and knowledge from 6 industries and in-depth knowledge of the modern labour market


It is about finding the right match

People over strategy
Strategy is good, but companies are run by people. It is about finding the right people to solve your business’ strategy challenges and deliver your business’ visionary potential with satisfying results. At Compass HRG, we are dedicated people, all working from the same overarching philosophy, but seeing things from different professional and specialist perspectives.

Dedication to the task is paramount to a successful and efficient recruitment process, because no small detail is lost that could potentially have a major impact on the subsequent process.

We are aware of the responsibility we have been assigned, which requires both trust and resources from both candidate and client. Trust creates the right synergy between all parties and is necessary to give our clients the optimal result: a new employee.

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Nordic outlook with international overview

Strong Nordic cooperation

With 6 offices in the Nordic region, we are better equipped to find your future candidate. Our Nordic cooperation allows us to identify the best possible potential candidate across national borders. We meet your challenges with trust, care and discretion - we call it: The Nordic Advantage.