Effective Executive Search process quickly provided BKD with a new CEO

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Compass HRG was the obvious choice

BKD is a Danish trade organisation for master bakers and confectioners. Over a period of time, they experienced some executive changeover, and when they had to find a new CEO again, they decided to get help identifying the perfect match.

According to the president of BDK, John Jønsson, Compass was the natural choice when taking care of the executive search process.

Thorsten, the consultant from Compass, had previously helped me in another capacity, where I was delighted with the result. Therefore, it was the obvious choice to get him to help us again,” John Jønsson says and continues:

Thorsten was excellent at understanding our needs. Not only did he provide us with the counsel we needed, but he also challenged us to get us to understand what we needed and why. The process was very structured, and we found our new CEO much faster than I counted on. So it has definitely been worth the investment when we consider all the time and concerns we avoided this way.

Focus on chemistry instead of a checklist

Two of the five candidates initially interviewed and tested were invited to meet BKD’s Board of Directors. In consultation with Compass, BKD chose Henrik Muhlendorph as the perfect person to fulfil their ambitions.

I have been through similar processes, and my experience with Compass was top quality. Compass distinguished themselves in their focus on personality and their relation to me as a candidate. The consultant was very positive in his approach to the process, focusing on identifying my strengths instead of pinpointing my weaknesses,” Henrik Muhlendorph says.

He adds: “The consultant had acquainted himself extremely well with BKD’s needs and wishes. He wanted to find the perfect match on all parameters and not just a person who checked the boxes on paper. It was more about a mixture of good chemistry and the expertise BKD needs in their future work.

BKD and their new CEO are delighted with their new working relationship, and their ambitions for the organisation’s future are immense.

It’s not hard to find good leaders. It’s hard to find the right match.

Our executive search process is designed to identify candidates with the best possible combination of business vision, industry experience, leadership skills and personality.

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