Energinet, Systemansvar

For Energinet in Fredericia, we search for a Manager for the System Perspective department, who can facilitate the department’s work in capturing international trends and tendencies and translate these into specific inputs for analyzing and developing future energy systems.

Focus on international perspectives and analysis of energy systems

As Manager in System Perspective, you will be responsible for a department comprising 12 highly specialized employees primarily with an engineering background. Your primary task will be to lead, develop, and support your employees in both their task execution and personal development. The department works with, among other things:

  • Capturing trends and transforming them into the basis for Energinet’s work
  • Participation in international networks focusing on infrastructure development (European and Nordic)
  • Cooperation across analyses and development perspectives for energy systems
  • Analyzing the energy system and offshore infrastructure, including work with Energy Islands
  • Analyzing the hydrogen infrastructure as part of the future energy system
  • Analyzing how different forms of infrastructure contribute to value creation in the overall value chain

You will be part of a leadership group consisting of four managers and one area manager in the Strategic Planning area. The leadership group is characterized by an open and direct dialogue and a desire to succeed as a cohesive group. You can expect extensive cross-functional collaboration and ample opportunity for ongoing sparring and personal development. The area is part of the company Energinet Systemsansvar A/S, which is the system operator for the Danish electricity and gas system.

Based on Energinet’s strategy “Energy on time,” you will also be responsible for contributing to the long-term direction for the development of the energy system from a TSO perspective (Transmission System Operator), and you will represent Energinet in European and Nordic collaborations. Concurrently, you will participate in internal and external projects and forums where you convey knowledge about technologies and the energy system from a holistic perspective and provide input for the future energy system, including sector coupling between hydrogen and electricity.

Analytical leader with knowledge of the energy system

You have extensive knowledge of energy systems and several years of experience working with complex cross-organizational issues. It is furthermore a clear advantage if you have experience with international cooperation and personnel management. You are analytically strong and can contribute, among other things, to how trends and tendencies are best translated into a Danish context.

As a leader, you are clear and can set the direction for the department and its employees—and you are motivated by leading and developing employees in relation to their tasks. Value-based leadership is not just a buzzword for you—you live it in your way of working with others today. You can translate knowledge into action, and you are cooperative and good at building relationships. At the same time, you can see the big picture and focus on what best serves Energinet’s interests rather than just the department’s interests.


The recruitment process is carried out in collaboration with the consulting company, Compass Human Resources Group. If you want to learn more about this position before submitting your CV, please do not hesitate to contact Senior Consultant Claus Mengel-Niemann at +45 22 63 33 77 or Research Consultant Julie Hastrup-Markussen at +45 28 44 33 33. As we process CVs continuously, we encourage you to submit your CV at your earliest convenience if you are interested. Please note that all inquiries will be handled with confidentiality and that we will reply to the email address from which your CV is sent.

Energinet sees diversity as a strength and encourages all qualified candidates, regardless of background, to apply for the job. Energinet actively and purposefully works with diversity, and therefore we encourage you to omit a photo, information about age, marital status, and the like, to minimize unconscious biases in the process.

The company language of Energinet is Danish; however, candidates fluent in English are welcome to apply for this position.


Energinet is an independent public company with approximately 2,300 employees. The headquarters is in Erritsø near Fredericia, and it has additional locations in Ballerup, Egtved, Everdrup, Tjele, Vester Hassing, Stenlille, and Lille Torup.

Energinet works with the vision “Green energy for a better world” every day to achieve the goal of greening the energy system. They are curious, open, and value collaboration and involvement highly. At the same time, there is a strong focus on continuous development and learning. In line with the values of “courage” and “trust,” Energinet is a flexible workplace where you have great influence on where and when you perform your tasks in a good balance between your own desires and value creation for Energinet.

Deadline: As soon as possible
Workplace: Fredericia
Reference: 2412.082
Company: Energinet, Systemansvar

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Senior Consultant

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