An excellent collaboration between DLIMI and Compass HRG: Recruitment with an understanding of culture and transformation

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Christian Winther

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DLIMI offers a multi-dimensional view of Nordic healthcare data and provides analytical insights for companies, patients, healthcare professionals and payers in the life sciences industry. For 1.5 years, Compass HRG has acted as DLIMI’s recruitment partner for recruitment of both executives and heavy specialist positions.

Christian Winther, Partner in Compass HRG, and Alexander Lüger Krøijer, Consultant in Compass HRG, have worked with employees across DLIMI’s organisation, but the common factor and primary collaborator is Line Brogaard Hede, Director Operational Excellence, People Partner in DLIMI.

A co-operation based on trust and credibility

1.5 years of collaboration has led to +20 recruitments for DLIMI, and Line Brogaard Hede particularly points out that Compass HRG has a fundamental understanding of DLIMI’s culture and transformation:

“We have been through a transformation in DLIMI, and therefore we needed to recruit a lot of people. What is unique about the collaboration is that Compass HRG has been able to translate and pass on knowledge about DLIMI’s culture and transformation to the candidates. Compass HRG has been really good at that”, Line Brogaard Hede says and adds:

“One of the successes was when one of the candidates came and said that what they had been told by Compass HRG is what they actually encounter, and that this is actually what they experience when they are employed at DLIMI. When everyday life hits, it is therefore the same story, so there is quite a lot of trust and credibility that is passed on through Compass HRG’s skilled employees”.

Recommendation of Compass HRG as a recruitment partner

Line Brogaard Hede says that Compass HRG has become acquainted with many different employees at DLIMI through the recruitment processes, and each time Compass HRG has been skilled at adapting to new collaborations across the organisation.

She therefore promptly and confidently replies that she would recommend Compass HRG as a recruitment partner at any time:

“Yes! We have an excellent co-operation, and we are never in doubt that Compass HRG delivers. Even when the processes take a little longer, there is a natural explanation for it, and Compass HRG has been good at advising us. Compass HRG has thus been good at pushing back in relation to what we might sometimes think we need, but what we might rather choose”, Line Brogaard Hede concludes.

Recruitment processes are therefore highlighted as processes consisting of expert advice and a focus on whether candidates fit into DLIMI’s existing organisational structure and culture.

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