Great results in industry analysis set the scene for further development

MyResearch har udført den første eksterne analyse af Executive Search rådgivning med fokus på 14 danske virksomheder i branchen. Compass har opnået flotte resultater på flere parametre, hvilket både giver grund til stolthed og høje ambitioner for at videreudvikle virksomheden.

Great advantage of external assessment

According to Ole Dreyer, there has been a pronounced need in the industry for an industry analysis of this caliber, which has not been initiated by companies in the industry itself. And it is a study that the industry as a whole should take seriously.

“It gives the survey a whole new level of credibility and seriousness when the sender, MyResearch, is completely objective in collecting the data. We have lacked that objectivity in previous surveys. There will always be room for improvement despite good results, and I hope the whole industry agrees with me on that. So, my clear recommendation is that we all take a closer look at the results and work towards doing even better next time – both as a company and as an industry in general,” says Ole Dreyer.

The results of MyResearch’s first industry analysis of the executive search consulting industry in Denmark show some clear trends for both Compass as a company and the industry as a whole. Trends that Ole Dreyer, Managing Director at Compass, is proud of and also plans to work on in a targeted way in the future.

“The results of the MyResearch industry analysis speak for themselves: the clients who use our executive search services rate us as the industry’s most responsible for satisfactorily completing their assignments. In addition, we rank in the top 3 in terms of both credibility and our specific recruitment skills. These are results we are really proud of and which also fit well with our values and “Client Service Principles”. So, we are naturally pleased that our clients and potential clients consider us to have the credibility and accountability that we strive to always deliver on,” says Ole Dreyer.

Customers expect more

A clear trend in the industry analysis has been that Compass’ customers have higher expectations than the industry average. And this is something Ole Dreyer is both proud of and takes note of.

“It’s no secret that we are very proud that our clients expect so much from us when they use our executive search services, and that we are able to deliver on those expectations. We must and will constantly develop, and here, the industry analysis also provides some exciting new insights that we can actively use in our further development. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys ourselves, but now we have an even better understanding of how customers see the market in general and what they focus on when choosing executive search consultants,” he concludes.

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