How do you ensure a successful recruitment?

Recruitment is about more than just finding and hiring the right person for the job.

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In this article, we explore the recruitment process from start to finish. We outline the different parts and explain how each contributes to a successful recruitment.

In addition, we highlight how working with an external recruitment partner not only addresses the immediate recruitment task at hand, but also strengthens your strategy to meet future challenges.

The recruitment process lays the foundation for a partnership between company and prospective employee. This early meeting between company and candidates plays a key role in your employer branding strategy and is essential for attracting top talent.

Start-up and 360-degree job analysis

We always start the recruitment process with an in-depth job analysis. This critical step gives us a detailed understanding of the nature of the position and the specific needs of the organisation. Through interviews with the hiring manager and relevant colleagues, we gather key information about the job and its requirements. For leadership roles, we extend our approach with a 360-degree assessment, including conversations with future employees, to embrace the full scope of the job. These discussions give us the necessary foundation for our job analysis and further search process, ensuring we are well equipped to find the ideal candidate.

A successful recruitment process is more than just a simple transaction; it’s a value-creating partnership that thrives on adaptability and clear communication. We tailor our communication to match each client’s preferred style, whether that means weekly meetings or a status update every Friday, designed specifically for their wants and needs. This method ensures that we are always on the same page and working towards our common goal: securing the right candidate to create value in the organisation.

As part of the job analysis, we dive into the company’s culture. This ensures that our search focuses not only on immediate qualifications and experience, but also on the candidates’ ability to integrate into and enrich the company’s environment. 

Our experience, market and industry knowledge means we can go beyond simply identifying the immediate needs that the company identifies. We uncover the real, sometimes hidden, needs, which positions us as more than just recruitment partners; we become strategic advisors. Our approach ensures that we not only address the company’s current desires, but also provide assistance and counselling to create a foundation for long-term growth and success.

Job description and advert

Immediately after the kick-off meeting and in-depth job analysis, we start drafting the job description, which we finalise within the first week. This carefully crafted job description serves two main purposes: first, it introduces the company to potential candidates, piques their interest and offers an in-depth insight into the company’s culture and values. Next, it details exactly the role we’re looking to fill, including responsibilities, specific duties, required competences and career opportunities, ensuring a clear alignment of expectations from the start.


When we add advertising to the process, we write a catchy advert and publish it on relevant platforms to maximise reach and reach potentially actively seeking candidates. In parallel, we start the process of identifying potential candidate profiles. These profiles are shared with the client to ensure that we are moving in the right direction from the beginning and that there is agreement on the type of profile being sought. This step is fundamental to gaining a thorough understanding of the ideal candidate’s profile and ensures that the recruitment process is targeted and efficient.

Search & Screening

Once the job description and any adverts are in place, we begin the research phase. In this phase, our researchers focus on identifying potential candidates. Relevant candidates are contacted and have an initial interview with our researcher, with a specific focus on investigating the candidates’ qualifications, competences and motivation for a job change. At the same time, salary expectations and other terms and conditions are aligned to ensure a good match with the company’s framework.

After screening, our consultants select between 8 to 12 candidates for further evaluation through face-to-face meetings. These meetings, which can be held either in person or via online platforms like Teams, allow us to understand the candidates’ competences, personality and potential for the company and the specific role in more depth. Based on these meetings, we work with the company to select the best 3 to 5 candidates who go forward for the first presentation to the company. This rigorous selection process ensures that only the most motivated and suitable candidates are presented, streamlining the recruitment process and increasing the chances of a successful hire.

Candidate presentation

After our research consultant has completed the initial screening and we’ve conducted face-to-face meetings, it’s time to actively present the most promising candidates to the company. This moment represents a critical milestone in the recruitment process, giving the company a unique chance to meet potential employees in person. These candidates are selected based on their qualifications, personality profile and proven potential to make a positive contribution to the organisation.

In some cases, we introduce a case assignment during the second round of interviews. This case is designed to provide insight into the candidate’s problem-solving skills, creativity and ability to handle work-related challenges. We offer our full support in developing these case assignments to accurately reflect the actual challenges the candidate will face in the role. This approach provides a deeper understanding of the candidate’s professional competences and how they can be practically applied in the company’s context, assisting the client in the decision-making process to ensure a well-considered and informed hire.

Assessment and feedback

Assessment consisting of personality and skills testing is typically carried out after the initial presentation with the client, where we select 1-2 candidates for an in-depth assessment. This assessment focuses on matching the candidate’s personality traits and logical abilities with the specific professional qualifications and personal competences required for the position.

All candidates receive customised and constructive feedback, regardless of the outcome of the application process. In addition, we create detailed personal profiles for the selected candidates, including the results of the cognitive tests. These profiles are shared with the client, providing a solid decision-making basis for the subsequent steps in the recruitment process. Our careful and methodical approach ensures that we highlight only the most suitable candidates, significantly increasing the likelihood of a successful hire.

Obtaining references

An essential part of the process to ensure a candidate is the right match for both the role and the company is the reference check. This step provides valuable insights into the candidate’s past performance, work style and ability to form professional relationships. For candidates who are in the running for leadership roles, we expand the reference check to include a wider range of respondents. This includes not only former direct managers, but also colleagues and subordinates to gain a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s leadership style and working methods in practice.

Obtaining references from a wide range of previous working relationships ensures a comprehensive assessment of the candidate’s professionalism, leadership skills and personal qualities. This approach supports our goal of finding candidates who not only match the technical and professional requirements of the position, but who will also thrive in the company’s culture and contribute positively. Obtaining references is therefore a critical step that helps to minimise the risk of hiring errors and ensure a successful integration of the new employee into the company.

Follow-up after start-up

Follow-up after start-up is an essential part of our process. Our commitment doesn’t end when the candidate is hired and starts the job. We place great importance on maintaining an ongoing dialogue with both the hiring company and the candidate to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. This regular follow-up aims to ensure long-term success and support a sustainable integration into the organisation. In this way, we ensure the fulfilment of both company and candidate expectations, contributing to successful candidate retention.

Reduce time from employment to full performance by a third

If you want to know more about integration and its many benefits, do not hesitate to download our free white paper, where we take a closer look at the topic.

The value of a good recruitment process cannot be emphasised enough. The thoroughness with which we approach each assignment ensures not only that we understand your organisation’s unique needs, but also that we are able to deliver candidates that not only meet, but exceed expectations. We constantly stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the market and industry. We can offer you in-depth insight into your organisation’s attractive value position and current salary levels in the market. Such knowledge equips you to be stronger in any negotiation and ensures you attract the very best talent. This also includes the passive job seekers who are not necessarily actively looking for a job, but who could prove to be the ideal addition to your team.

We not only stand by your side through the recruitment process, but also provide advice and guidance during contract negotiations, ensure a smooth transition for the new employee and support your organisation in realising the long-term benefits of having the right team in place. Working with Compass is therefore not just an investment in your current needs, but a strategic decision that supports your organisation’s long-term growth and success.

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