GROHE’s successful collaboration with Compass HRG: Transparent and dialogue-based recruitment processes

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GROHE is a leading global brand in bathroom solutions and kitchen faucets, with a total of 7000 employees in 150 countries. For the past 2 years, GROHE has used Compass Human Resources Group as a recruitment partner for various sales, leadership and specialist roles.

Rikke Mohr, Leader HR Nordic & Baltic, LIXIL EMENA, the organisation representing the GROHE brand, comments on the close collaboration with Compass HRG and Oliver Hauberg-Jensen, Partner & Practice Lead in Consumer Products:

“Compass runs a solid Nordic setup that works well, and they have strong relations in the other Nordic countries where we also recruit”.

Compass HRG as a transparent recruitment partner

Compass HRG has helped with recruitment at sales, leadership and specialist level, and Rikke Mohr particularly emphasises that Compass HRG understands the organisation and its culture:

“Where you can really see Compass making a difference is when we go out to find leadership or specialist roles. Compass is really good at hitting the mark – both culturally and subject-specifically – in terms of getting the right skills on board, but where you also have someone who fits in personally with the leader in question and the associated team”.

GROHE is particularly satisfied with the competent and transparent recruitment processes offered by Compass HRG:

“The recruitment processes are very transparent and with open dialogue. I think they have managed to find the people we have asked for – no matter how difficult the positions we have asked for. Sometimes, of course, you have some urgent positions, but for me and for our managers who have been part of the recruitment processes, it is always more important to find the right solution than to find the quick solution,” Rikke Mohr says, adding:

“Compass, Oliver and his team have been strong at communicating throughout the processes what they have and what they have done and why they have done what they have done. You have felt part of the team and not just a company buying a service. That is what Compass does – it is that you know each other in a way where I might as well have been the one recruiting for the different teams”.

A commendable collaboration

Based on 2 years of valuable collaboration between GROHE and Compass HRG, Rikke Mohr concludes that she would highly recommend working with Compass HRG:

“I would very much recommend Compass to others, and I also enjoy the collaboration. I think it is a very professional, informal dialogue we have with each other. I really appreciate this transparency and that we want the best for each other. I really trust that”.

Rikke Mohr concludes by saying that Oliver Hauberg-Jensen deserves a special recognition:

“Although Oliver is someone who is in charge of a lot of processes, he deserves a special praise for the fact that GROHE always feels seen and heard as a customer. And it does not matter if he is on the sidelines or if he is the lead on a recruitment, he always follows up and makes sure the process is moving forward and that we feel heard.”

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