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Recruitment in Copenhagen

At Compass HRG, we have offices in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, covering all of Denmark. Our clients are locally based in Copenhagen and the metropolitan region, Jutland and Aarhus, as well as Funen.  At Compass, we also handle recruitment assignments internationally and for organisations wishing to recruit for offices in Copenhagen and other locations in Denmark.

Modern top management recruitment based on your business

Executive Search in Copenhagen and the metropolitan area

We offer executive search from our office in Copenhagen – but cover all of Denmark.

Compass has been around for more than 35 years and has been the leading HR and recruitment partner for leading organisations across the Nordics.

Through a blend of practical experience, theory and analysis, we have developed a unique approach to modern executive recruitment that identifies candidates with the best possible combination of business knowledge, industry experience and leadership skills.

Executive Search has made its entrance into the global business world and is also a direction more and more companies in Denmark are looking towards. Since 2012, the market size of the executive search industry has increased significantly, reaching a triple-digit billion in revenue globally in 2021.

Sector experience from 6 industries

Specialist recruitment in Copenhagen

At Compass, we have extensive experience in recruiting specialists in 6 industries. We are based locally in Denmark, but work closely together in our Nordic and international network – where we share knowledge and spar across geographies.

In our specialist units, we know the industries inside out, as well as the sectors’ core business and strategic challenges. In Copenhagen and the metropolitan area, there has been a significant increase in positions requiring specialist skills. Our consultants will help you identify the skills needed to help your organisation achieve its commercial objectives.

Mutual dependence in the executive search industry:

We need you leaders, and you should use us!

Since 2012, the market size of the executive search industry has increased significantly, and in 2021, the global executive search industry surpassed DKK 200 billion in revenue. Executive search has made its entrance into the global business world – as well as the Danish one.

As a search company, we are therefore more than a ticket to the right jobs. We are a marketplace for career opportunities, and with our in-depth knowledge of the entire management spectrum – across sectors, industries and value chains – we are a significant source of informed career planning. The market is not transparent, so you need us!



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