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Recruitment in Aarhus and Jutland

At Compass HRG, we have offices in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, covering all of Denmark.

At Compass in Aarhus, we are specialists in recruitment and headhunting of top managers and specialists. We handle recruitment assignments for local companies anchored in Jutland. At Compass, we also handle recruitment assignments internationally and for organisations that wish to recruit for offices in Copenhagen and other locations in Denmark.


Sector experience from 6 industries

Recruitment of managers and specialists in Aarhus

At Compass, we have extensive experience in recruiting specialists in our 6 core areas. We are based locally in Denmark, but work closely together in our Nordic and international networks – where we share knowledge and collaborate across countries.

In our specialist units in Aarhus, we know the strategic and business challenges of the industries from the inside, and we have extensive insight into the ecosystems of the different sectors. We help you identify specialists with the greatest potential to contribute to your particular mix of people in your organisation.

Modern top management recruitment based on your business

Executive Search in Aarhus and Jutland

We offer executive search from our office in Aarhus – but cover all of Denmark. 

Compass has been around for more than 35 years and has been the leading HR and recruitment partner for leading organisations across the Nordics.

Through a blend of practical experience, theory and analysis, we have developed a unique approach to modern executive recruitment that identifies candidates with the best possible combination of business knowledge, industry experience and leadership skills.

Executive Search has made its entrance into the global business world and is also a direction more and more companies in Denmark are looking towards. Since 2012, the market size of the executive search industry has increased significantly, reaching a triple-digit billion in revenue globally in 2021.


Part 1: The transformed labour market and the fight for the candidates

In recent years, the labour market has changed significantly for both employers and employees. This means changing the way talent has been recruited and retained in several industries. Fresh eyes and a fresh strategy are needed.

Read the first part of our series on the changing labour market here

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