IPU’S Collaboration with Compass HRG

Effective Recruitment of Business Development Managers

Discover how IPU, an innovative technology consultancy’

founded in 1956, harnessed the power of partnership with

Compass HRG to fuel their expansion. Through strategic

recruitment, cultural alignment, and effective communication,

this collaboration not only met challenges head-on but also

laid the groundwork for a prosperous future. 

IPU’S Journey  

IPU is an independent technology development consultancy. Established in 1956, IPU specialises in empowering technology development organisations to deliver sustainable and competitive technology-based solutions.  

Successful Recruitment: Compass HRG’s Role in IPU’s Business Expansion 

Compass HRG assisted IPU in recruiting a Business Development Manager, resulting in a successful collaboration experience. The recruitment of a skilled business development and partner candidate was an important part of IPU’s future business strategy as they were looking to significantly expand their business.  

Søren Merit, Managing Partner at IPU, decided to partner with Compass HRG after a less successful experience with a competing recruitment company. The previous partner failed to deliver the desired results, which led Søren to contact Compass HRG. Søren had heard positive things about Compass through his network and decided to give Compass HRG a try. 

After the recruitment process at Compass HRG, Søren expressed great satisfaction with his experience. He was continuously kept informed about the progress of the process and was involved in the decisions. He had direct conversations with candidates and praised Compass’ effective communication and pragmatic approach. “However, it was not an easy recruitment as the candidates were hard to find,” adds Søren Merit, “which is why IPU chose to entrust the task to Compass.” 

A Cultural Match: Compass HRG’s Understanding of IPU’s Identity 

When asked what could have worked better in the recruitment process, Søren admitted that he always dreamed of more candidates, but he was happy with the result and the highly qualified candidate they hired. He also emphasised that Compass HRG, and especially Director Niels Lorenzen and Researcher Ida Heuser, who was responsible for the recruitment, was great at understanding IPU’s corporate culture. None of the candidates that Compass HRG presented to IPU were rejected due to the cultural mismatch. Compass HRG had the ability to identify and understand IPU’s unique culture. 

Future Prospects: IPU’s Trust in Compass HRG for Ongoing Recruitment 

Although the recruitment process presented several challenges due to the very specific profile being sought, Søren still considered the process a success. When IPU needs to recruit specialists and managers in the future, Søren is certain that Compass HRG will be the right choice.  

Overall, the collaboration between IPU and Compass HRG has been a positive experience. Søren Merit looks forward to future collaborations with Compass HRG and appreciates their ability to deliver effective, targeted recruitment solutions. 

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