Power Stow: The success behind strong international collaboration

Case: The power of an international recruitment mindset

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Since 2003, Power Stow has built a strong market-leading position in baggage handling in the aviation industry. With a vision to automate and streamline aircraft baggage handling, the company offers innovative equipment that improves the working environment for ground handlers.

Since 2019, Compass HRG has worked closely with Power Stow, providing customised recruitment services. This collaboration has resulted in successful hires in both Power Stow’s Danish and international offices.

The success factors behind Power Stow

It’s not just Power Stow’s cutting-edge technology that has secured their market position. The ability to make smart decisions and find the right talent has played a crucial role. As CCO Christian Søeberg says: “We have a market that goes our way, and in those waters we’ve been good at setting the right sails and getting a good tailwind. We have developed a technology that transports baggage all the way into the aircraft with the primary aim of improving the working environment for the employees and streamlining baggage handling.”

The power of an international recruitment mindset

With offices spread across Denmark, Europe and Asia, Power Stow needed a partner like Compass HRG who prioritised understanding both their organisation and company culture, and who could see their recruitment challenges from an international perspective. As Christian Søeberg explains: “Fundamentally, I think there are some important building blocks in the collaboration: knowledge of the company, knowledge of me as a manager, knowledge of the team and the role in question – I think this is hugely important and an investment.”

Bæredygtighedskravene til den finansielle sektor vokser stødt. Efterspørgslen fra kunder og investorer har været stigende de seneste år.

Bæredygtighed i den finansielle sektor: Den grønne agenda har attraktionsværdi både for investorer, kunder og kandidater

Trust in the recruitment collaboration

Trust is a central part of Power Stow’s collaboration with Compass HRG. Christian Søeberg says: “Using a headhunter is really a matter of trust”, and in this context he emphasises the role of Karsten Hald Pedersen, Director and Practice Lead for International Business at Compass HRG: “I’ve worked with Karsten, who has really excellent competences, which I think is partly because he comes from a commercial background himself. The relationship that Karsten and I have developed saves me a huge amount of time and I trust him to represent and sell us well.”

Christian Søeberg further elaborates on the trust in the collaboration: “We have built up a really good mutual understanding and a common language. Karsten is really good at picking up the feedback I give him. He is strong in counselling and honest feedback, and he makes really valuable observations.”

Future outlook for Power Stow and Compass HRG

With Compass HRG’s support, Power Stow is well positioned to continue its expansion globally.

The close collaboration between Power Stow and Compass HRG illustrates how trust, insight and expertise can create meaningful results in business on an international level.

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