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Our collaboration with VKST began in 2020 and has since then covered a wide range of tasks, from assessment to recruitment.

Throughout 2023, we expanded our involvement by helping with the recruitment for several financial positions, and when their HR manager decided to seek new challenges, we were entrusted with the task of finding a worthy successor. We spoke to the former HR manager and hiring manager at the time, Thomas Bay Jensen, to get his perspective on the recruitment process and our collaboration.

Efficient candidate selection in client portal

Over the years, our use of the ‘Client Portal’ platform has significantly improved the way we present candidates to our customers. This platform allows clients to get an in-depth overview of the candidate field, optimising the selection process.

This method of candidate presentation has been a success right from the start, as Thomas Bay Jensen’s experience testifies. About his experience with the platform and Thorsten Andersen, Director at Compass, he says: “I had the opportunity to review the candidates on your platform. In this connection, we held a joint meeting on Teams, where Thorsten, Mads Birk Kristoffersen and I participated. Thorsten conducted a very thorough review of the candidates, which resulted in us selecting five potential candidates.”

Thomas Bay Jensen continues: “Thorsten further contributed by giving us a clear and nuanced picture of each candidate through his thorough profile analyses, detailed descriptions, and personal first impressions. This ensured that we were well prepared before the individual interviews. Overall, I felt that the introduction to the candidates’ competences was thorough and informative, giving us a sense of value for money.”

This approach ensured that Thomas and the rest of the team at VKST were thoroughly prepared before the initial meetings with candidates. More importantly, it gave them a direct say in the decision-making process of which candidates would go forward for interview. This aspect of the Client Portal emphasises the importance of a structured and transparent selection process, which not only promotes an efficient recruitment process, but also ensures that clients are fully engaged and well-informed throughout.

Confidence and professionalism in the recruitment process

Thomas Bay Jensen’s experience with the recruitment process emphasises the importance of confidence and professionalism when navigating the landscape of potential candidates. “I felt safe in the process thanks to Thorsten. He is skilled at outlining where we are in the process and at the same time manages to present the candidates in an excellent way. What are we facing? What do we get if we choose a particular candidate? These considerations were crucial in arriving at the physical meetings, where Mads and I were largely responsible for the organisation. Thorsten initiated, but after that, Mads and I were primarily responsible for the actual interviews with the candidates.”

“This division of labour seemed to fit well with Thorsten’s role, as it allowed him to be more of an observer and then provide valuable assistance and summarise our observations. “What did we actually observe during the different sessions?” Thomas asks rhetorically, emphasising the thorough and reflective approach taken throughout the selection process.

Thorsten’s ability to clearly define each stage of the process, combined with his expertise in presenting the candidates, ensured a structured and efficient approach to recruitment. By handing over responsibility for the face-to-face interviews to Mads and Thomas, each party was able to focus on their strengths, ensuring an in-depth and nuanced assessment of each candidate. This method not only fostered a sense of comfort and control over the process, but also a deeper understanding of the candidates’ potential contribution to the organisation.

Ultimately, it’s the combination of clear communication, careful planning and focused collaboration that creates a safe and professional environment for the recruitment process, which is essential for making the best possible decisions.

Discover the difference: “Good chemistry and great communication”

Thomas Bay Jensen reflects on his experience with Compass Human Resources Group and starts by acknowledging: “Overall, it was a very positive process.” He adds: “Through a joint effort, we managed to find the right candidate. Hanne Hebsgaard Steinmetz has been an excellent addition to our growth organisation, fulfilling both space and role with her competencies,” illustrating the impact of a well-coordinated recruitment effort.

This positive experience stems from our approach of carefully aligning our efforts with the client’s needs, complemented by our in-depth knowledge of the candidate market. “First and foremost, I noticed a good and wide range of applicants,” Thomas claims, emphasising the importance of having access to a well-structured introduction to candidates’ skills. This practice enables informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of the candidates’ potential.

At Compass, we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and trustworthy recruitment process. Thomas Bay Jensen confirms this with the words: “Good chemistry, good communication, no worries, no challenges. It worked.” Our experience and success in recruiting leaders and highly specialised professionals every year underlines our role as a trustworthy partner in the search for leadership talent to take an organisation forward. Thomas highlights an essential point for future collaboration: “For me to consider using Compass again, there must be a clear need to find a leader for the organisation.”

Our commitment to understanding the individual needs of both client and candidate, coupled with our dedication to developing meaningful relationships, ensures that we not only match qualified candidates with the right roles, but also create positive and value-adding experiences for everyone involved. We always endeavour to do this and the statement from Thomas Bay Jensen confirms that this is also the experience of the hiring manager.

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