Successful collaboration between Compass HRG and Wet Wipe A/S marked by well-aligned expectations and a seamless process

CASE: Effective dialogue and thorough introductions from both parties fostered mutual understanding of professional skills and set the stage for successful collaboration

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CASE: Effective dialogue and thorough introductions from both parties fostered mutual understanding of professional skills and set the stage for successful collaboration


Wet Wipe, a supplier of wet wipes to the Nordic market, has experienced massive growth in recent years. From targeting the hospital sector and the primary sector during Covid19, the company has now launched a new strategy that also targets retail and private labels.

New sales strategy requires new talent and competences

Wet Wipe was a small family-owned company operating in all the Nordic countries, and due to the acquisition of the German company Schülke & Mayr, Dennis Preuthun Pedersen, Nordic Sales Director at Wet Wipe, in collaboration with the company’s CEO, is about to implement a new strategy for the company.


In a new strategic focus on retail and private label, the sales department has transitioned from salespeople to Key Account Managers and has also significantly reduced the customer portfolio. New products are constantly being added, and due to the organisational changes, Compass HRG has been the solution to find a new Key Account Manager and a Sales/Product Assistant for the team.


Understanding professional competences and flexible collaboration

Wet Wipe has a high level of skilled employees, which is important for a recruitment partner to understand and have insight into. About this, Dennis says: “We are looking for professionally competent employees for our sales department, and here the choice of partner has depended on an understanding of us and insight into our situation and needs.About the collaboration with Niels Lorenzen, Director at Compass HRG, Dennis emphasises: “Niels has managed to create a very thorough introduction, where especially the flexibility and the common understanding has meant that we have created a smooth process compared to other times when we have used external recruitment partners who have not provided the same flexibility or gained the same insight.”

For Wet Wipe, it has been important that there is no fear of touching on either positive things or challenges in the process, as this minimises doubt, clarifies things in the process from the start and paves the way for good collaboration.


Ping-pong and sparring around job description creation ensures the right process and profile

Compass HRG has contributed to the assignment with both candidate search and handling of applicants via job adverts. Dennis says about the preparation of the job description and the clarification of expectations for new employees: “The sparring and ping-pong between us and Niels has been extremely important. After the introduction, we had an idea about the job description, but we were also in doubt as to whether we were completely clear on the outline. Here we had a good dialogue with Niels and together we adjusted and aligned. And that alignment provided great value going forward.” He continues “Often you’re too busy, but if you don’t take the necessary time to create a good job description, you’re missing something – and here I felt that the supplement from Compass helped to make the job description complete.”


Continued growth means the prospect of a long-lasting partnership

The fact that the process has worked smoothly, where no one has had to wait for feedback, has played a big part in the success of the collaboration. About the collaboration with Compass HRG, Dennis says: “The good alignment of expectations also requires us to ask questions and seek answers so that we are aligned before the entire process. We have noticed that everyone in the organisation felt it was a good process, and Compass HRG has managed to come up with relevant candidates from the start. We have been on the same page from the start and we will definitely contact Compass HRG when growth and the need for manpower arises again, hopefully in the near future.”


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