Looking for a job?

Looking for a job?

Let us help you find the perfect job where you can thrive and grow with the company.


New job?

Are you ready for the next challenge in your career? There are many reasons to change jobs

We’re specialists in 6 industries – and know the modern job market inside out.

Take advantage of our strong and extensive network of successful and innovative organisations in your search for your next dream job. We have vacancies in the Nordics and internationally.

If you have questions about one or more specific positions, please contact us as soon as possible.


Our talent bank

If you are actively looking for a job, you can upload your CV to our talent bank.

When a company is looking for a candidate, we look in our talent bank to see if there’s an obvious match.

Career advice

Considering a job change?

Do you have a CV with many short jobs? Have you thought about the impact this has on your career prospects and future job search?

We’ve put together 5 tips for you who might be thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

Career advice

It can be worth having a professional headhunter or two in your network.

But how do you spot if the enquiry is serious? And how do you filter out the noise?

We’ve put together 4 tips on how to pick out the serious enquiries as a candidate.

The market is full of noise and frivolous enquiries. But it can be to your advantage to stay in touch with the right headhunters.